Our mission:

We want to help humanity reach a sustainable state of existence by quantifying, and making widely accessible, the climate impact of the daily choices we make

Climate Change ๐ŸŒช is the biggest challenge of our time, as the overwhelming majority of our daily activities still are based on processes that release greenhouse gases. > read more

Living sustainably ๐ŸŒฑ requires navigating through a jungle of complex trade-offs, not easily understood and not always accessible. Information has to precede action. > read more

We automatically quantify โœ๏ธ the greenhouse gas emissions of our daily activities, enabling anyone to understand the climate impact of their decisions.

Our products


electricityMap shows in real-time where your electricity comes from and how much CO2 was emitted.

electricityMap Data

The largest electricity database: buy historical datasets and explore them using our curated charting tools.

electricityMap API

A real-time API with forecasts that enables devices to plan ahead and use electricity at the best time.

Our partners


Olivier Corradi, Founder

Olivier is a French/Danish data scientist and full stack developer.

He previously managed data science and engineering at French AI startup Snips, hiring the first 30 employees.

He studied mathematical statistics at the Technical University of Denmark and general engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris.

Previous companies: Snips, Google, IBM Research

Stuff he likes: Chaos. Non-linearity. Rick Sanchez. Producing electronic music. Scraping data. Playing soccer.

Bruno Lajoie, Co-founder, Scientific Expert

Bruno is a French engineer specialised in energy and climate change.

He spent 7 years working in the energy industry as strategy consultant, while managing a research think-tank on energy-transition

He studied energy engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris.

Previous companies: Accenture, Schlumberger Business Consulting, SBC Energy Institute

Stuff he likes: Mountains. Natural sciences. Order of magnitudes. Crazy trance music.


We're here to find scalable solutions to climate change. If you're looking to have a meaningful impact, and have significant coding skills, consider joining our team.

Mobile Developer (Native / JS) in Copenhagen, Denmark
build the next catalyst for climate action

tomorrow is a tech startup that designs and builds scalable solutions to climate change. Our goal is to be a catalyst of change by making the climate impact of individuals and companies more accessible and empower them to take action.

To that end, we are building an app that helps people make climate conscious decisions by automatically calculating the carbon impact of their daily activities. We are looking for a mobile developer (Native / JS) to join our team in Copenhagen.

You will

  • collaborate with a passionate team on the development of our new product
  • develop and co-create our app based on react native, native components and realm
  • communicate with designers and stakeholders on rapid iterations of MVPs
  • maintain existing products - electricityMap

You are

  • a generalist that enjoys learning new tools and technologies
  • great at communicating and enjoy working with a diverse group of people
  • playful, not afraid to take risks and challenge your own believes
  • thoughtful about workflows that boost everyone's productivity
  • hopeful about the future and ready to tackle one of the greatest challenge of our generation.

We value

Climate impact is what we care most about. We are practical idealists - trying to do whatโ€™s right and whatโ€™s possible. In our team we value honesty and respectful discourse and we strive to create an inclusive, empowering and inspiring work environment. Our experience with electricityMap has solidified our view that open source communities are vital driver for collective action and we are committed to sharing open data and knowledge.

We believe in the strength of diverse work environments and welcome applications from people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives. We are open to develop your talents on the job.

If you are looking to have a meaningful impact and work in a highly collaborative and creative team, consider joining us.

Interested? Send us an  email with a portfolio of what you've already built, and a description of what you'd ideally like to work on.

You can also help by contributing to our  open source projects. Come say hi on our  slack channel if you have any questions ๐Ÿ™‚