Our mission:

We want to help humanity reach a sustainable state of existence by quantifying, and making widely accessible, the impact of every choice we make

Natural resources are limited, and we are depleting them faster than they replenish. Our way of life is unsustainable.

A radical change is required.

Information precedes action. In the jungle of complex trade-offs, doing what is right has become difficult.

We use science, data and machine learning to automatically quantify the environmental impact of our daily decisions. We present this information in a simple and elegant way, empowering everyone to take informed decisions and have a tangible and positive impact.

Our products


An interactive map that shows in real-time where your electricity comes from and how much CO2 was emitted to produce it.

CO2 Signal

An API that enables smart devices to use electricity when its carbon footprint is lowest.


To be announced.


Olivier Corradi, Founder

Olivier is a French/Danish mathematician, engineer and full stack programmer.

He previously managed data science and infrastructure at French AI startup Snips. He also spent time researching how complex systems self-organise, trying to understand how humanity should evolve in a resource-constrained environment.

He studied mathematical statistics at the Technical University of Denmark, general engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris and has been coding since he's 12.

Previous companies: Snips, Google, IBM Research

Stuff he likes: Produce electronic music. Run. Play soccer. Scrape data. Admire bifurcations of chaotic, non-linear dynamical systems. Rick Sanchez.

Bruno Lajoie, Scientific Expert

Bruno is a French engineer specialised in energy and climate change.

He spent 7 years working in the energy industry as strategy consultant, and managed a research think-tank on the energy transition funded by Schlumberger.

He studied general engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris.

Previous companies: Accenture, Schlumberger Business Consulting, SBC Energy Institute

Stuff he likes: Mountains. Yoga. Tennis. Natural sciences. Crazy trance music.

If you're looking to have a meaningful impact, consider joining us. We're looking for skilled full stack developers, designers and data scientists.

Come say hi on our  slack channel, or send us an  email.