Building for Tomorrow

We are a group of practical idealists - trying to do what’s right and what’s possible. For us this means using our talents, our time and ambitions to help reduce our collective impact on climate change.

Who we are

Olivier Corradi, Founder

Olivier is a French/Danish machine learning engineer and full stack developer who created electricityMap as part of Tomorrow. He previously managed data science and engineering at French AI startup Snips, hiring the first 30 employees. He studied mathematical statistics at the Technical University of Denmark and general engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris.


Olivier Baumann, Co-Founder

Olivier is a Swiss/Brazilian designer and developer. A stats-nerd PhD dropout turned visual artist, art director and developer. He studied comparative international studies and social psychology at ETH and University of Zurich.


Trevor Hinkle, Business Development

Trevor is an American product manager and marketer. He previously spent 5 years working in digital strategy, UX design, and digital marketing roles in the US, UK, and South Africa. He studied climate change mitigation and adaptation at the University of Copenhagen and business analytics at the University of Virginia.


Bruno Lajoie, Scientific Advisor

Bruno is a French engineer specialised in energy and climate change. He spent 7 years working in the energy industry as strategy consultant, while managing a research think-tank on energy-transition. He studied energy engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris.