Organising the world's electricity data

driving the transition towards a truly decarbonised electricity system

Global energy consumption since 1970
in PWh (petawatt-hours)

The challenge

Climate change is predominantly caused by burning fossil fuels, which remain by far our largest source of energy.

The transition to a fossil-free energy system will require electrifying our supply of energy.

Learn more by reading our pragmatic guide to climate change.

24/7 fossil-free electricity

Wind turbines can't supply electricity when the wind doesn't blow. How do we ensure 24/7 delivery of fossil-free electricity?

By empowering people and organisations with real-time insights, we believe better and more informed decisions will be made.

Grounded in reality

Real emission reductions happen when decisions are driven by insights representing a physical reality.

Our focus is to make sure that when claims are made, real reductions are witnessed in the atmosphere.



Most of our work is open source, enabling anyone to contribute and to verify our work.

By leveraging a community based on openness, we hope to create a global movement that changes the world.

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